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Business Summary

E-Commerce Business

・One of the leading B2B and B2C e-commerce players in Japan.
・Achieved approximately 500 thousands registered members.

Office Retail Business

  • Office Oasis
    Office Oasis

    ・Our “Office Oasis” is the unique retail system which is focused on office workers.
    ・Placed a "self-service“ refrigerator at 5,000 office locations.

  • Office Oasis

Trading Business

・Export and import
・Product development

  • Export
  • Import
  • Product development

Restaurants Business

Restaurants Business
・Owns eight franchising rights of food service.
・Runs and operates 460 restaurants in Japan.

  • PRIME LINK Co., Ltd.
  • PRIME LINK Co., Ltd.

Wholesale Business

  • ・Our “Shoku-Doraku” provides a wide range of 3,000 ready-to-cook
     food items for individuals and restaurants.
  • ・Serves more than 8,000 repeat customer accounts.

Wholesale Business ("Toyo-Shoji")

  • ・Delivers food items for small- and medium-sized restaurants by the unique route sales method. ・Serves more than 7,000 repeat customers, from the Tohoku to Chugoku district in Japan with the 9 logistics depots. ・Strength in merchandizing and private brand development.

Brewery and Distillery Business

・Owns 4 authentic and traditional Japanese Sake and Shochu breweries.

■Japanese Sake

■ Shochu